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Bulldog Fire & Emergency Apparatus is the one-stop-shop for all of your emergency vehicle needs. Located in Woodville, MA, we serve the New England region as a dealer for KME Kovatch Mobile Equipment, Braun Ambulances and Osage Ambulances. We also produce our own line of fire apparatus including the Brush Breaker.

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Twin Osage Warriors to Cataldo Ambulance

Cataldo Ambulance Service in Somerville, MA.

Bulldog Fire Apparatus delivered twin 2014 Ford E-350 Osage Warrior ambulances to Cataldo Ambulance Service. The sales rep on these twin Type III ambulances was Gigi Lee. Cataldo selected the Osage Warrior and was impressed with the simplicity of the electronics and durability of the construction of the vehicles. Learn more about Osage Type III ambulances here >>

Serving the community for over 35 years, Cataldo and Atlantic Ambulance (a subdivision of Cataldo Ambulance Service) have covered 12 communities throughout the greater Boston and North Shore areas. With base locations throughout their service areas, Cataldo and Atlantic Ambulance have dedicated emergency services, primary backup services, and offer medical transportation to a number of nursing homes, hospitals and other medical facilities. Learn more about Cataldo Ambulance Service here >>

Congratulations to Fleet Manager Doug McCall and the rest of the Cataldo Ambulance Service on their two new ambulances!